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Here are the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about WGT Golf. For additional help, please submit a Help Request to our team.

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General Questions

Are WGT Golf Lite and WGT Golf Mobile different games?

  • WGT Golf Lite was for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G (iOS 4.3+), and is no longer available
  • WGT Golf Mobile is for iOS 6.0+, Android 4.1+, and Amazon Fire OS 3+ with many features available in the web game

WGT Golf Mobile

Which devices are supported?

How do I bind my account?

  1. On the main page, tap the WGT icon in the upper left corner
  2. Select "My Account"
  3. Choose "Save Account"
  4. Enter your email and a password
  5. Click "Save"

You may also save with Facebook by clicking the Facebook icon.

Why is binding my account important?

Saving your account with an email address or Facebook account preserves your account and allows recovery in the event of loss. An unbound account cannot be restored if you lose access to the account. We cannot verify your identity, so we will not be able to assign or reset your password.

Can I play on my new phone or other devices?

Yes, if you bind your account first on the device where you created your account. Then log on to the other device or the web with your username and password.

What happens if I log out?

If your account is bound to an email address or Facebook account, you can simply log in again whenever you want. If it is not bound, your account is at risk and you have no expectation of keeping your account. You may attempt to recover it by choosing "Existing WGT Player" > "Never had password". If your Device ID matches the Device ID you created the account on, you can enter your email address and password to recover the account. If the Device ID has changed, the account is lost forever.

How could my Device ID change?

  • Getting a new device
  • Factory reset of device
  • Upgrade to a new OS version
  • Carrier software changes that reset the OS
  • Uninstall of all WGT apps (iOS only)

Can I change my player name?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your WGT account name. Your account name is tied to your email address, and neither can be used to create additional accounts.

How many courses are available?

At this time, players can choose to play on Kiawah Island: The Ocean Course, St. Andrews Links, Bandon Dunes, Pinehurst No. 8, Edgewood Tahoe, Congressional Country Club, Pebble Beach, Bethpage Black, Wolf Creek, Pinehurst No. 2, Celtic Manor, The Olympic Club, Valhalla, Royal St. George’s, Harbour Town Golf Links, Merion, and Bandon Dunes.

What type of game mode can I play?

You can play:

  • Stroke Play games where you play a full course from tee to green
  • Closest-to-the-Hole games where you take one shot and try get the ball as close to the hole as possible
  • Head to Head where you can play with a random player or a friend in a 3-hole stroke play game

Can I choose a different avatar?

WGT allows players to choose a male or female avatar to play on the course. Players also have the ability to upload their own profile picture.

How do I change my clubs?

Please keep in mind that players are unable to update or modify equipment during a game.

  1. On the main page, tap your profile picture in the upper-right corner
  2. Tap on Equipment
  3. Select the desired club section
  4. Swipe left or right to highlight the club that is currently equipped
  5. Tap on Unequip Club
  6. Swipe left or right to highlight the club you wish to equip to your bag
  7. Tap on Equip Club then on the slot you wish to equip the club to
  8. Tap on Save & Close

Why did I receive a "Tournament No Longer Active" error message?

Players receive this message when they are logged in both on mobile and the web. In order to resume a saved game, players will need to either close the mobile app, or log out of the web game. If you wish to continue playing on the web, please refresh the game window before resuming the game.

Where are my awards?

Players can earn Awards while playing on mobile. However, the Awards will not be displayed on the mobile version at this time. If you earned the Award on mobile you will be able to view that award on your profile page on the web.

Can I earn free credits?

Players can earn free credits by completing offers or watching videos. Just tap on the Earn Free Credits icon and choose an option. If you had an issue with receiving credits, tap on the question mark on that page and then tap on Contact Support.

Will my stats count while playing the mobile version?

Each account is synced regardless of platform. All of your Stats gained while playing on mobile will appear on your profile page on web and mobile.

Can I change meters?

At this time, only the Original Meter is available to players on mobile.

Can I save a replay?

Players can now save replays using Everyplay. Replays are only available for devices that have enough memory. This includes the iPad Mini retina, iPad3+, and iPhone 5+.

Can I remove the flagstick?

The flagstick cannot be removed at this time on the mobile version.

Where is my golf bag?

Bags are not included in the mobile version.

Can I play the Hole-In-One challenge?

Any Closest-to-the-Hole game, including Blitz games, are available for Hole-in-One Challenges. Hole-in-One Challenges are also available on Stroke-Play courses in Ranked and Tournament games.

Can I access the forums?

Mobile players can only access their Country Club Forum.

Can I get a refund for some credits I spent?

Please contact us with the details of what happened.

Can I get a refund for an in-app purchase?

WGT cannot issue refunds for this game. You must contact the Apple App Store or Google Play Store in order to receive a refund from purchasing this app.

Why did the Level-Up Boost that I purchased not increase my level?

Players must exit out of the Pro Shop after purchasing the Level-Up Boost in order for the item to apply.

What is XP, what is it used for, and how do I acquire it?

  • WGT Experience Levels are based on actions you perform on WGT, such as completing rounds, hitting shots, earning awards, and interacting with other players. You will level up as you play and interact on WGT. Your character will start at Level 1 when it is new.
  • At new Levels, players will be able to unlock new virtual items in the Pro Shop previously unavailable to them.
  • You will receive experience points for shots taken and hole-in-ones immediately after the ball comes to rest. For all other game-related activities, you will earn the associated experience points after you complete the game you are playing. This should give you extra incentive to complete all of your started games.

Do I receive XP each day I play?

Players will receive bonus experience points for playing consecutive days on WGT. In order to earn a Consecutive Days bonus you need to have completed a game at least two days in a row. Please make note that Consecutive Days are based on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and not your local time zone.

  • Two Days: 90 XP
  • Three Days: 180 XP
  • Four Days: 270 XP
  • Five Days: 540 XP
  • Six+ Days: 880 XP

What is a Tier, how do I advance to the next Tier, and why does it matter?

  • A tier is your skill classification in WGT Golf. Based on the scores you shoot in 9-hole or 18-hole Ranked Stroke-Play rounds or Stroke-Play Tournament rounds, you will be placed into a tier. The better your scores, the higher your tier will be. The basic tier is Hack, followed by Amateur, Pro, Tour Pro, Master, Tour Master, Legend and Tour Legend.
  • Advancing to the next tier requires a qualifying Average Score AND a minimum amount of completed stroke play games, which will take a little more time but will help players reach the Levels necessary to unlock upgraded equipment that is helpful to compete at higher Tiers.
  • Your tier defines your level of play in the game. Much like a 'handicap' in real golf, your tier will dictate at which level you can enter a tournament to ensure that you will compete against other players of similar ability.

What is the Plus Membership?

The Plus Membership is an item that can be purchased in the WGT Pro Shop that will provide special benefits to any player that owns it.

What is the Premier Membership?

The Premier Membership is an item that can be purchased in the WGT Pro Shop that will provide special benefits to any player that owns it. These benefits are even stronger than those of the Plus membership.

Do Plus and Premier Membership benefits stack?

No, only the stronger Premier benefits will be applied.

What special benefits come with the Plus Membership?

The Plus Membership provides the following benefits:

  • 50% XP bonus for all XP earned in-game
  • 36-hour rental period for any clubs that are rented in the Pro Shop
  • 8-hour Country Club Pass regeneration
  • Ability to hold two Country Club Passes in your inventory if they are accruing for free (regular maximum is one)

What special benefits come with the Premier Membership?

The Premier Membership provides the following benefits:

  • 100% XP bonus for all XP earned in-game
  • Free Green Fees for play on any course that requires a green fee
  • 48-hour rental period for any clubs that are rented in the Pro Shop
  • 4-hour Country Club Pass regeneration
  • Ability to hold four Country Club Passes in your inventory if they are accruing for free (regular maximum is one)
  • One free Scratcher per day (after using the one stored in inventory already) - for the mobile game only

Can I purchase a Plus or Premier Membership as a gift for a friend?

Yes, you can purchase the Plus or Premier Membership for anyone in the game, if they do not already have it.

Country Clubs

Are country clubs available?

Country Clubs are now available on WGT Golf Mobile to view. You can play in your club tournaments but you cannot create a club tournament.

Who can create a Country Club?

Any player who is in the Amateur tier or higher can create a Country Club.

How much does it cost to create a Country Club, and how many friends can join my club?

It costs 50 credits to create a club. A newly created club has a maximum of 15 members including the owner, and as the club moves up in level, the number of friends allowed to join will increase.

How do I earn XP for my club?

Playing a game that earns your player XP can also earn your Country Club XP. Using a Country Club pass before a game will make your player XP earned count towards your country club as well.

What if I don't want to create a club, but I want to join an existing club?

You can find a club to join by going to the Country Club homepage and seeing which clubs need more members. From the Profile page for the Country Club, you can click the Request Membership button and your request will be sent to the club owner via the Invites tab in the Friends List. If accepted by the owner, you will placed in the club as a member.

How many clubs can I belong to at once?

You can be a member of only one club at a time.

What can members of Country Clubs do together?

As part of a Country Club, you can play in club member-only tournaments, and you will be able to contribute Experience Points to your club total to increase your club level to earn great rewards. You can also participate in Club vs. Club Events and Turf Wars.

Club vs. Club Events

What are Club Events?

Compete head-to-head against other WGT Country Clubs for fame, glory and new rewards including some of the best equipment in the game! WGT will start running Country Club Events, typically over a few days like a weekend. During a Club Event, country clubs are matched against other country clubs in what are called Club Clashes. The club with the most total points from their Clashes will win the event.

What are Club Clashes?

Club Clashes pit one country club against another for a limited time, during which the members in each club attempt to earn the highest number of points for their club. Members score points by playing well in the specified game type(s) on the featured course(s) during the Clash. The club with the highest combined score at the end of the Clash wins that Clash and earns an additional Win Bonus that is added to the club's total points for the event to determine the rewards.

How does my country club enter a Club Clash?

During a Club Event, anyone in your club can click the Challenge a Club button on the Event Home tab to start a Club Clash and match your club against another.

How do you determine which club you compete against in a Clash?

We try to match you to the closest club to your club's skill level and available for a Clash. We will be tuning this match-making over time to improve the experience.

How long do Club Clashes last?

Once a Clash has begun between two clubs, a timer begins counting down to show how much time is left in that Clash.

What happens if I don't finish my game in time?

Games not completed within the Clash timer do not count towards the Clash Point total, but XP earned will count towards you and your club.

How much time has to be left in an Event to start a new Clash?

In order to start a new Clash, there must be enough time remaining in the Event to complete a Clash. Time durations may vary from Event to Event.

How do I compete in a Club Clash?

Once your country club is engaged in a Clash, you will receive an email, and a popup message will alert you it has begun. Enter the Club Event by going to your Club's Homepage and clicking the Club Event Banner. Compete in a Club Game by clicking the Play Game button on the Club Event main page. Participating requires a Club Pass or Superpass.

How are the game settings determined?

Wind and green speed are randomly selected at the start of a game. Tees are determined by your Tier.

What are Superpasses?

Superpasses can be used by eligible players to play in a Club Game. A Superpass allows a player to compete in a game, plus it provides a score multiplier. Leveling up your country club will unlock additional Superpasses (see Country Club XP above). Superpasses cannot be purchased. In addition to the SuperPasses awarded to your club at the start of an Event, two additional SuperPasses will awarded to your club at the start of each Clash you participate in.

How do I use Superpasses?

If you are eligible to use a Superpass, and there are still Superpasses available, the option will be available to select when you enter the club game.

Who can use Superpasses?

The Club Owner has the ability to select the minimum player title required to use a Superpass, which is located in the Owner Tools section on the country club community site. For example, if this permission is set to Member, any players ranked Member or higher will be allowed to use any available Superpasses.

How do I score points for my club?

Clicking the Play Game button on the Event Home tab will start a new game. Completing a game before the Clash ends will earn your club points based on your performance. Play in as many games as you can during the Clash to score the most possible points.

How does Club Game scoring work?

Stroke-play scoring is based off of a modified Stableford system. Points are earned per hole, counting strokes taken relative to par as follows:

  • Double Eagle (3 strokes under par): +50 points
  • Eagle (2 strokes under par): +25 points
  • Birdie (1 stroke under par): +12 points
  • Par (Even par): +5 points
  • Bogey or worse (1+ strokes over par): +2 point
  • Double Bogey or worse (1+ strokes over par): +1 point

How does the scoring work for Closest-to-the-Hole Clashes?

Scoring is based your distance to the hole. The points earned are:

  • In the Hole: +8 points
  • .01 - 3 feet: +6 points
  • 3.01 - 10 feet: +4 points
  • 10.01 - 20 feet: +2 points
  • 20.01 - 35 feet: +1 point
  • 35+ feet: 0 points

What are Participation, Win and High Score Bonuses?

The Participation Bonus is based on the percentage of players in the club that play in the Clash. The Participation Bonus points will be added after the Clash winner has been determined.

  • 0 - 24.9%: 0 points
  • 25 - 49.9%: +40 points
  • 50 - 74.9%: +100 points
  • 75 - 99.9%: +175 points
  • 100%: +300 points

The club that wins a clash receives a win bonus (+500 points) that is added to their score for the event. The High Score bonus (+100 points) goes to the club with the highest-scoring player, and is counted before the winner of a Clash is decided.

What can my club earn from playing in a Club Event?

There are a number of new rewards a Country Club can earn in an Event, which are called CC Rewards and include:

  • A limited number of special MAX CC Rewards equipment with top in-game performance
  • Special limited-edition Tournament Tee Box markers to be used in CC tournaments
  • Special limited-edition Tournament Flags to be used in CC tournaments
  • Club Passes

Where do I view CC Rewards?

The full list of CC Rewards is on the Country Club Rewards tab in-game, showing which have been unlocked.

Who receives CC Rewards?

Most CC Rewards are awarded to all participating country club members, but some are only for members selected by the CC Owner, like the special MAX CC Rewards equipment. Unless otherwise noted, a single MAX CC Reward item is available for each event. WGT will contact the winning owner after the event and ask who in their club should receive the MAX CC Reward item.

When do I get my CC Reward?

CC Rewards are processed 24-48 hours after a Club Event is completed.

Turf Wars

What are Turf Wars?

Compete head-to-head against other WGT Country Clubs for fame, glory, coins, club experience, and Superpasses to help you in your next Club Event! In the Call-to-Arms phase, utilize Country Club Passes to unlock the Turf War. Once the Turf War has been activated, your club will be matched up against another club for one 24-hour Turf War. The club with the most total coins earned will win a Superpass and a large number of coins and Club XP, while the loser will earn a smaller amount of coins and Club XP.

What is the Call-to-Arms phase?

Each Turf War requires Country Club Passes to unlock, based on the size of your club. Each pass used during the Call-to-Arms phase counts toward the next Turf War, and once enough have been used, the Turf War can be activated. Once ready for activation, anyone in your club can click the Activate button on the Turf War tab to start a Turf War and match your club against another.

What are trophies?

Trophies indicate your club's success in Turf Wars. You earn trophies by winning Turf Wars, but you can also lose them. How do you determine which club you compete against in a Turf War? We compare your trophy count to other clubs and try to match you up with clubs with similar trophies. Defeating a club with more trophies than you can earn you even more trophies than normal!

How do I compete in a Turf War?

Once your Country Club is engaged in a Turf War, every Head-to-Head coin game is eligible to count. Participating requires a Club Pass, and the coins you win in that game count toward your club's total.

What can I win in a Turf War?

The winning club receives one extra Superpass to start the next Country Club Event and a bonus of 15% to Club XP earned in the Turf War. All participating members receive 2000 coins plus a 15% bonus to the coins they earned individually in the Turf War.

The losing club receives a 5% bonus to Club XP and participating members receive 200 coins plus a 5% bonus to the coins they earned in the Turf War.

In the unlikely event of a tie, both clubs will receive the 5% bonus to Club XP and each participating member receives 200 coins plus a 5% bonus to coins earned.

What happens if a Club Event starts before my Turf War ends?

If your club is in the Call-to-Arms phase, that phase will be paused until the Club Event ends, and then continue with all accumulated passes preserved. If your Turf War is activated, it will continue as normal, and you can access it via the Club Contests tab on the Country Club Homepage.

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